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A future view of Yemeni women's rights

It is clear from observing the reality of women in the Yemeni society that they face the risk of violence of all kinds, as well as the risk of deprivation of the enjoyment of most basic rights and freedoms that are associated with their human existence and guaranteed to them under international human rights law.

Photo by photographer Jehad Mohammed
Photo by photographer Jehad Mohammed

All this is due to the failure of national legislations to commit to international obligations and recognize equality between men and women. Discrimination against Yemeni women is also evident in many legal texts that regulate and control the status of women in society.

I believe that the most important laws that affect women's rights are laws and procedures that try to control the moral behavior of women, in addition to the laws that regulate the privileges and rights of women in the Personal Status Law (family jurisprudence).

In order to empower women and achieve gender equality, there is a need for fundamental legal and legislative changes, as they are closely linked to the beliefs and traditions of the society and are influenced by the authority of the tribal system parallel to the legal system of the state in addition to the strict religious approach.

Thus, we need great efforts to create awareness and enlighten minds to accept the idea of ​​reconsideration and renewal of beliefs and practices on which jurists rely on when developing legislation.

I believe that the opportunity is now available for the legislative authority to be free from the pressure of the hard-line religious groups that were influencing the drawing of policies and general directions of the state, and it is up to them to show the sincerity of their intentions to renew the outdated legal and juristic rules that have become inconsistent with the changes and interests of the modern society .. and they must take into account adopting the universal philosophy of humanity and working on the compatibility of national laws and legislation in harmony with international human rights law.

Majed Al-Muallami / activist and lawyer in training


Majed Al-Muallami

- Member of the Yemeni Bar Association

- Member of the Human Rights Committee of the American Bar Association

- Founder of many youth organizations and initiatives

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