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ISIS in Every Home

The title of this article might surprise you and seem unrealistic, but I decided to prove this to you. In fact, I will prove to you much more than that and it will appear to you that ISIS is more merciful than what I will present to you.

Isbah's 3 brothers tortured and killed her

In many homes, the ISIS ideology, based on slaughter, killing, cutting, and abusing lives, is in their minds before they have the right opportunity to apply it on the ground. As soon as the opportunity comes for the brother to become a responsible man, this is the moment when he decides to practice this ideology on his sister, whether she is older or younger, the important thing is that she is a girl or a woman. He will then devise the worst methods of torture and insult, in order to prove to his sick-minded self that he is a man, forgetting that gallantry does not mean bullying the weak. What he is doing is rather vile and it becomes even more prominent when there is reinforcement from the father or mother who in turn become partners in the crime encouraging the brother until he decides to physically assault his sister.

We’ve seen this very recently in the case of “Isbah”. The child who was forced to drink poison then beaten with powerful iron machines then hung to death by her brothers, and this was something that even ISIS didn’t do!

Let’s not forget Samiha Al-Asadi, whose brother slaughtered her in the forefront of the judiciary before the judges (God's successors on earth). Her brother Younis Al-Asadi decided that we should cover up his name and not pass it on so that he could enjoy a quiet life after the judiciary cleared him. Younis al-Asadi slaughtered Samiha al-Asadi with a sharp instrument in the neck, killing her almost instantly. It’s almost as if he is professionally trained in slaughtering people, or specifically trained to slaughter his sister, who despite wearing the hijab and veil, he managed to place the sharp in her neck directly and take her life. And the rule of ta'zir was abolished after his primary sentence was retribution and ta'zir. With the sentence being only retribution, this means that the father (the instigator), and the mother (the partner in the killing), can come and say we have forgiven our daughter’s killer (their son). And just like that Younis Al-Asadi walks out freely, returns to work selling fruits and cutting them with the same knife that he slaughtered his sister with.

Aseela minutes before she passes away

Let’s also not forget Aseela Al-Nehmi, who hadn't even reached the age of 13 yet, as her father beat her with the plow after she and her sister endured a series of permanent, daily, and repeated violence including facial and eye burns. Yes, eye burns, which is a violent act that even ISIS hasn’t done. It hasn’t even occurred to Hollywood filmmakers! No final or final ruling has been issued against this deformed father.

Abdullah Alna'ami drowned his 3 daughters to death

In the same year that Aseela was killed, everyone heard about the father who drowned his three daughters in a barrel of water as they resisted and clung to their father. One of them grabbed her father's neck while she was in disbelief of what was happening; that her father drowned her sisters and now is her turn. She resisted a little and soon succumbed to drowning by the hands that are supposed to plow the land to provide for her, but rather did the exact opposite. Again, this is something that even ISIS didn’t do with kidnapped children, yet a father did with to his own daughters.

I am not trying to compare the bad with the worst, but I used to see that ISIS actions are the worst form of violation of humanity and crime in the world, yet every day I see a new crime in our society that tells me that ISIS as we know it is not the worst, the ISIS we hear about in every home is the worst. When Isbah’s story reached me, when I learned of everything her brothers did to her, that’s when I was sure that we are worse than ISIS in criminality and heinous ideas.

Isbah's brothers documented her murder

The child Isbah is 16 years old, there is no justification for a murderer and do not allow anyone to tell you they killed her because she did this or that .. There is no justification! They beat their sister with the heaviest tools and forced her to drink poison. They broke her bones, suffocated her, and left her body hanging from the ceiling. What happened to Isbah now makes us in a serious position with the judiciary, to tell them that their negligence in terms of crimes, their lack of implementing laws, and their failure to lay down deterrent provisions for the former killers, is what has brought us now the murderers who have practiced the most heinous and unjustified crime on their sister leading to her death.

“Lost are those who slay their children, from folly, without knowledge, and forbid food which Allah hath provided for them, inventing (lies) against Allah. They have indeed gone astray and heeded no guidance.” - Surah Al-An’am verse 140

“He who kills a soul unless it be (in legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth, will be as if he had killed all humankind.” - Surah Al-Mai’dah verse 32

The Qur’an is clear if you follow it and make laws based on it, not on the basis of the tribal traditions. If the laws don’t change based on what is stated in the Holy Qur’an, then our legislation will continue to worship the tribe and encourage people to live as monsters and mutants.


By Lawyer Tahani Albar

هذا المقال متوفر أيضاً باللغة العربية.

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